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A Unique Guide For Parents To Foster Strong Family Values for Life.

Counter outside interference with your Family Values


Author Rory Hill

Author Rory Hill, an Army veteran with 35 years of sales experience, provided his services to many Fortune 500 companies like IBM, GM, and Ford. His sales approach was rooted in building trust and prioritizing relationships over dealings. His journey took an unexpected turn when he had to foster connections with his past girlfriend’s daughters, leading him to develop unique techniques rooted in “Loving Discipline.” Through trial and error, he perfected these methods for children aged 4 to 10, making them adaptable for anyone seeking strong family bonds. These techniques, tested successfully with elementary school children, inspired him to compile his methods into a book. His work emphasizes nurturing confidence, creativity, and enduring family relationships, offering valuable insights for parents, grandparents, and caregivers seeking to strengthen their family connections.


Rory J. Hill

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“I Wasn’t Kidding, Now I Am” is a one-of-a-kind book currently unmatched in the book market. This book is a game-changer for parents who want to instill strong family values in their 5 to 10-year-olds, including stepchildren. It’s a slow and productive way for the new partner to develop the kind of family relationship the birth parent wants.

The ages of 5 to 10 were picked, while the children were most malleable and receptive due to their age. Parents can use this book to create a solid foundation that equips their children with confidence and direction when dealing with the outside world. Parents will stay informed of what is going on around their children and become able to combat better the misinformation provided by those other than the parent.

It will help improve sibling relationships, reduce conflicts, and foster healthy bonds. Plus, it keeps parents in the loop, helping them combat misinformation and ensuring everyone involved in the child’s life is on the same page. The techniques can be used over and over. They work best when the need is there, and a specific technique will bring clarity to how to face a challenge within and outside the family home. A guide that can be passed down through generations, ensuring your family values remain intact, undisturbed by external influences. With “I Wasn’t Kidding, Now I Am,” you’re not just getting a book; you’re getting a legacy of strong, resilient family values.

What Readers Are Saying

Those who have children can become masters of patience, endurance, & steadfastness because children will test you at every turn” The way to make our children patient & loving is to be that way ourselves
Eknath Easwaran
I know what it is to be your age You don’t know what it’s like to be mine
Melvin Hill
The greatest gift we can give children is the appreciation of their uniqueness
Fred Rodgers (Aka - Mr. Rodgers)
Highly recommend...great insight and ideas to implement
Claire Peck

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