Author Rory J. Hill

Author Rory Hill has exceptional experience in sales for over 35 years and a background as an Army veteran managing laboratories in Korea and San Antonio. He has remarkably run his own business, providing services to many Fortune 500 companies like IBM, GM, and Ford. His motto in sales was simple: leaving the customers better than he found them. He used a strategic approach by building the trust of customers first, and then the rest will follow eventually. His goal was never to make a sale but to create lasting relationships, turning customers into clients by meeting all their needs.

His journey took an unexpected turn where he had to create safe and trusting relationships with the daughters of a past girlfriend. Drawing on techniques he perfected with his own nieces and nephews 35 years ago with current customized tools to broaden the positive results. These tools are rooted in what he calls “Loving Discipline,” designed not just to discipline but also to nurture confidence, creativity, and lifelong family bonds.

Through trial and error on many children between the ages of 4 to 10, he perfected these tools, making them adaptable for anyone he considered a “Teammate” who ranged from ex-spouse, uncle, aunt, grandparent, babysitter, or anyone seeking strong family connections. Recently, he tested these methods as a volunteer with elementary school children, and the results were remarkable. This experience inspired him to compile his techniques into a book to help many more parents and children.